Cards for PoM – 2

This is the second instalment of my cards for Peace of Mind. I will publish – in irregular intervals – my favourite cards for PoM. Why? Well, like many other people I like cards, and I like my peace of mind (and abbreviations). In the current times which are animated, free-wheeling, chaotic, uncertain, frightening and interesting – as the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” has it – we need something that brings us back to basics and helps us keep a clear head.

You are welcome to use the cards in your dialogues and monologues with friends, family, students, teachers and colleagues. Just quote the source and if you wish to tell me something then please leave a comment here or on my social media channels.

Here is the second set of three

"I don't always ask others for help because I want to grow trying"
"I participate in community activities when I agree with the aims and can influence their outcome"
"I do not revise my opinion after listening to others unless they have convincing arguments"

Looking forward to your reactions.

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